Artamene was founded in 2017 by Pedram and Pooya Shitrah. Born in1987 (Tehran) Pedram is a Guitar player, Composer and Music Teacher (teaching since 2012). They officially registered the name “Artamene” in 2017 (Tehran – Farhang o Ershad Ministry Registration) after which they began holding Heavy Metal concerts in Iran. Through a childhood passion for Metal, the 2 brothers honed their talents by jamming and covering their different influences through childhood. This only fueled their passion and solidified the need for a formal band. Today Pedram and Pouya along with Soheil Avakh (Vocals) and Ali Karimi brave through and risk it all for a fuel-driven passionate band called ARTAMENE! Iran is one of the last frontiers where Metal Music and its fans have to break down barriers of prejudice and legal persecution under the false pretenses of Stanic Worship and other paganistic rituals, Artamene has set out on a difficult path of breaking barriers and scaling the cliffs of prejudice. Since its inception, Artamene has, in only a couple of years, quickly risen to perform in front of crowds of 500+ people.


PedRam Shitrah:Lead Guitar
Pooya Shitrah:Drums
Ali Karimi:Rhythm Guitar
Soheil Avakh:Vocal

Soheil Avakh

Soheil Avakh

PedRam Shitrah

Pedram Shitrah

Pooya Shitrah

Ali Karimi

Ali Karimi