Although we are a UK focussed site, we love thrash from all over the world, and when we received a mail from Iran a couple of weeks ago, we were intrigued, so we asked our mate Robbie from The Thrash Metal Album Of The Fortnight Club to take a listen to the new single from Artamene

Metal prides itself on being a community. From local to regional and onto international scenes all bands have different stories to tell of how they get to being where they are. The inclusive nature of the overall world metal scene should welcome our metal brothers and sisters wherever their travels have bought them from. Whilst not unique, the story of Iranian thrashers Artemene however will no doubt be a far less read tale or even expected journey for a band simply playing the music they love. 

Whilst not the conventional beating heart of metal, Iran is home to a scene just like any other place. How that scene operates though will no doubt be different to most places but the one thing that it will have in common is the passion one feels when they ‘get’ metal. Despite living with the threat of legal persecution and a constantly needing to smash the barriers of prejudice Artamene embody the very nature and ethos of thrash metal. A feeling of inclusion, of expression and of believing in your craft. A craft which first started bearing thrash metal fruit in 2017 and which now sees the release of ‘Mayhem’.

The mid paced bite of the pounding intro immediately takes it vice like hold then eases as a delicious classic thrash riff introduces its spiky charm. At both the heartbeat and rhythmic forefront the riff holds it’s own in the bubbling cauldron of groove infused thrash metal that is indelibly impressing on your senses. Deep, gruff shouty vocals occasionally drenched in reverb add yet more character as the addictiveness of this anthemic rager marches vibrantly onwards.

With a distinct modern feel gifted somewhat by the unobtrusive and clear sound  to ‘Mayhem’, Artamene still weave enough attitude and individuality into to make it sound relevant, interesting, stacked full of character and an often forgotten metal ingredient, damn catchy! However despite the modern blood of thrash bubbling through the track  there is still enough to hear and feel the influence of the classic thrash bands of the past. The expected soaring leads come and , going on what has preceeded them compliment the muscular groove rhythms in a joyous thrash metal union. Snappy in length as the track thunders on to its end,  the constant present is that sweet razor sharp riff still being the glue binding  ‘Mayhem’ together. 

Check out The Music Video for the Single!

In ‘Mayhem’ Artemene have announced their arrival onto the international metal scene which whilst is still huge it retains that community ethos. On this evidence they can stand toe to toe with any modern metal band right now. So do the right thing wherever you are reach out that inclusive thrash spirit  unfurl your thrash hand and welcome Artemene .

Their new album “Ziggurat” will be available on 28th of February



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